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Raleigh Youth Missions

Raleigh Youth Mission Team of 5 youth and 2 adults traveled to Raleigh the week of June 23-28th to participate in various types of ministries in the area. Raleigh Youth Mission (RYM) coordinated the mission immersion experience for the mission team. This year’s theme was “Worlds Apart”. The mission team was housed at First Presbyterian Church in Raleigh.

During the mission trip, youth and adults worked with Larson Refuge Center, Passage Home, Backpack Buddies, A Place At The Table, Love Wins, and The Shepherd's Table. Along with the agencies mentioned our youth donated the remaining blue hymnals to a Presbyterian Church in the Raleigh area. We also donated several hats to our refugee friends that were graciously made by our Senior Morning Out members. Lastly the girls handed out cold water bottles and their remaining snacks to those in need.

5 youth, 2 adults, and 1 RYM intern completed 125.50 total hours of service. This allowed the institutions we worked with to save $909.88 in funds that they would have had to pay an employee by volunteering. We were joined by 2 other churches, together we completed 500.50 and saved the various institutions $6,181.90 by volunteering.

But who better to share their experience better than the youth themselves.

"This was only my second time going to RYM. It was a lot of fun I got to experience some things that I didn’t get to experience last year. I think my favorite part of this entire week was when we went to a place at the table. It was really interesting to see all different types of people there. But I also loved everything that they where doing at the refugee camp. I think it’s really cool how it’s not at all like a camp. It’s more of a community. But the entire point of this week was to serve God and I think we did an amazing job of that this week. We got to see what it’s like to be in poverty and it completely changed my entire perspective on people who are in poverty. " -Sophie Job

"This is my third mission trip and this was a great trip. We went to a refugee housing facility and there were kids we got to play with and tutor. We learned how I kind felt to be a refugee, there was a paper and you put things that you like to and people you love and stuff like that. So while you are writing people mark out stuff or the paper will be throughout and it's like you losing stuff that you love." -Sarah Butterfield

"This was my first time at RYM, and my eyes have truly been opened up to a world people struggle to survive in everyday. Seeing people sleeping on concrete, benches and bushes showed me how blessed I really am. When we handed out the first water bottle and packs of crackers to the guy next to the church, hearing him rip open the pack of crackers and the bar immediately, made me think how hungry he and everyone else in his situation must be. I realize now, after experiencing working with the homeless, tutoring or playing with the refugees, and just overall helping the less fortunate, we have been taking our many blessings for granted and we should be more thankful for what we DO have instating of wanting more and more constantly. " -Emily Bumgarner

"This is my third time on this mission trip and I learn something new every time. This week my favorite part was working at a place at the table and it’s a restaurant where u can pay more or less then the price. I lived doing the dishes because the guy that was doing it was very funny. I have loved this week and I will definitely go back next year." -Payton Nolley

If you are looking for a church home or even a youth group to attend we invite you to come and join us. Contact Laura Sparks, Director of Children, Youth, and Family Ministries for more information. You can email her at or call the church office at 828-464-0648.

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