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2019 Montreat Memories

This summer our High School Youth traveled to Montreat for a week of Learning to LET LOVE LEAD! Here our youth share their experiences in their own words.

Montreat is something that I look forward to each year and is always the highlight of my summer. One thing that I took away from this experience was that in order to truly love your family, friends, neighbors, and even yourself, you must love God first. I learned this throughout the week through the amazing sermons that were delivered as well as my favorite part, small group. I can’t wait for next year! - Anna Kirby

My Montreat experience this year was wonderful. I was able to grow closer with previous friends I had met and also make new friendships. The worship team was awesome and did a really good job at connecting with the youth attending the conference. Overall this year was very memorable as usual!! -Lauren Holcomb

Montreat year 4 was the best by far and I am thankful to be able to grow my faith along side so many amazing people in such a beautiful place! The theme this week was “Let Love Lead” and I really felt God’s love in my small group as we all came with different faith prospective but were able to discuss and understand each other as well as become friends. Within the theme I realized it’s easier to grow faith and spread God’s love in Montreat but the challenge was taking that love to the streets and spreading it in places that might be uncomfortable, and that otherwise we’d avoid. My favorite statement by a pastor this week was; ”Don’t come with half of your heart to Jesus we have too many feet to wash and too many people too love” that’s something we should all remember! Thank you the church family for letting you love lead to support us to grow our faith at another Montreat to grow closer as a back home group and to others! -Claire Stalnaker

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