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As Christian disciples, we at FPC-Newton are called to love our neighbor. Below
is a list of outreach opportunities in which we participate. “The harvest is
plentiful,” (Matthew 9:37) and more workers are always needed! Your support,
whether through prayers, time, talents or treasure, is vital. The program
summaries are very brief, and further information can be obtained from the
contact persons listed. 


- Daily Change – An offering is collected monthly during worship. Collections are
administered by our presbytery for a variety of local, regional and international
beneficiaries. Contact: Doug

- Sunday Community Supper – Meals are served weekly by groups from FPC and
other churches and organizations to those in our community with limited resources.
Contact: Mimi

- Corner Table / Backpack program – Lunches are served on weekdays at our local
Soup Kitchen. School children benefit from food provided on Fridays for weekend
use. Contact: Bonnie

- Parade of Cans – staples are collected during an annual drive for the Corner Table
Contact: Bonnie

- Rise Against Hunger – Meals are prepared in bulk for international distribution in a
project we share with Beth Eden Lutheran Church. Contact: Bob Neill-

- March Madness – Annual food drive for the benefit of Ashure Ministries (formerly
ECCCM). Contact: Bruce

Other Local ministries (Housing, other)

- SMO – Seniors Morning Out, open to senior citizens in our community who enjoy
some time away from home. It is hosted in our Fellowship Hall weekdays and is
administered by Senior Nutrition Services.

Contact: Danielle Hicks-

- Meals on Wheels – Lunches are distributed from our church kitchen to homebound
community members by volunteers, Monday through Thursday.

Contact: Kirstin

- Habitat for Humanity – Affordable homes are built, renovated or repaired by our
local chapter. The Habitat Restore accepts donations and sells a large variety of
furnishings and supplies.

Contact: Mimi

- Refresh and Renew – Our church is open on Thursday afternoons for those in our
community who do not have access to a shower.

Contact: Eileen

- Family Care Center – this local non-profit offers financial counseling and temporary
housing to community members.

Contact: Bob

- Granny’s Closet / Medical Supply Closet - supplies are available for loans at the
church for medical and other family needs.

Contact: Patty

- Bloodmobiles – FPC hosts a Red Cross Bloodmobile quarterly.

Contact: Patty

International / Regional

- Guatemala Partnership – Our presbytery has a 30 year relationship with two
presbyteries in Guatemala, and FPC has a 20 year sister-church relationship with
Iglesia El Redentor. We enjoy periodic visits and opportunities for mutual support
with our brothers and sisters and help with scholarships and with health and other

Contact: Doug or Mimi Michael- or

- Mission Co-Worker support – FPC offers financial support to three PCUSA
Mission Co-Workers in various parts of the world and enjoys periodic

Contact: Doug Michael-

- Presbytery of Western North Carolina – Through our financial support and
participation in various committees, FPC’s outreach is amplified and the Kingdom of
God is made visible across the globe.

Contact: Doug Michael-

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