Wednesday at Cedar Creek!

Wednesday morning, three groups headed out to sites. One group finished staining

the deck we built last year and Leo’s team finished their deck & railing project by 11 a.m. Deb’s group, thought they were only removing 2 shrubs by lunch time. They ended up chain sawing down six Alberta Spruce, dug out 2 stumps and planted 6 Arbovitae. This was all before lunch time. Ky and Elizabeth chose 3 others to go back with them after lunch to finish pulling up 6 more stumps and finish the project. When they got back, we traveled to Paint Creek to hang out at a beautiful waterfall. Wednesday night, the ladies fix us the FPC Newton Wednesday night meal which consists of Country style steak, green beans and mashed potatoes. Oh and did I mention about 6 different types of desserts too? Supper time is a great time for us to sit with our Cedar Creek friends, talk and relax.

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