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Guatemala Mission Team- Tuesday- report from Michelle, Greg, Bonnie and John

Report from one group Tuesday afternoon.This is Domingo, he is 80 yrs old and lives here with 8 children and their families. John , Bonnie, Greg and I are going to build them a latrine today. The floor was poured yesterday. We bolted the frame together and painted them with oil so the concrete won’t stick. It takes eighteen buckets of the gravel and two bags of concrete mix to make one latrine. We reinforced concrete with wire and then began filling up the frames. We will let it harden overnight and come back in the am for the upper part. I had the John and Greg on my team who made this apiece of cake. It took us a little under 2 hours from start to finish. Then we headed off to another family who had already had the same work done that we just completed for Domingo and we started framing the structure. It was nice to see these two projects in phases. Looking forward to Ruth’s home cooked lunch. 

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