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Commissioning Service This Sunday!

First Presbyterian Church in Newton will commission 3 mission teams and 2 groups attending conferences at Montreat Conference Center during the 11:00 a.m. worship service.

Raleigh Youth Mission Team- Taylor Job, Sophie Job, Payton Nolley, Greyson Eneix, Will Eneix, Preston Inscoe, Andrew Butterfield, Sarah Butterfield, Clark Strickland and Suzanne Rhinehart

Cedar Creek Mission Team- Mason Nolley, Tyler Inscoe, Courtney Roquemore, Callie Inscoe, Joseph Inscoe, Claire Stalnaker, Ellen Williams, Jay Wood, Christian Kelly, Sam Owensby, Ray Rhinehart, Leo Yenderusiak and Deb Wakefield

Montreat Music Conference Delegates-- 8 Choir Members 

Guatemala Mission Team- Candi Jongetjes; Gary McDougal; Kat Dancel; Greg Joplin, Adeline Joplin; Jon Joplin, Callie Inscoe, Anna Kirby, Michelle Kirby, Angela Cable, Lauren Holcomb, Brenda Smith, Bonnie Pritchard, John Pritchard, Doug Michael

Montreat Youth Conference Delegates- Meg Yenderusiak, Courtney Roquemore, Anna Kirby, Claire Stalnaker, Lauren Holcomb, Jay Wood, Elliott Lewis and Suzanne Rhinehart. 

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