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Middle School Youth Retreat- Deadline this Sunday!

Please encourage your MS'er and possibly a friend to attend the WNC Presbytery Youth Retreat the weekend of November 10-12th. Suzanne will be attending as the chaperone/driver. It is an amazing experience for each MS youth. We had HS youth from our church that came up for dinner because of friends that they have made over the years. We hope your middle school'er will be in attendance.

MIDDLE SCHOOL RETREAT November 10-12, 2017 Camp Grier

Picture This! Fun - Service - Music - Worship P s a l m 1 4 8 : 1 - 1 4 E x o d u s 3 : 1 - 1 6

Registration deadline October 22ND


Retreat Plans: Check-in begins at 6:00pm Friday with dinner 6:30pm. The retreat concludes with Sunday morning worship. No lunch will be served on Sunday.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER--Jason Meyers I am a beloved child of God who has been transformed by the Grace of God. An invitation for me to lead a youth mission trip in 2007 forever changed my life. As I repaired homes in Petersburg, VA, God was working on healing some of my own disrepair. I became fully convinced that God wanted me to be a leader in the church, an d I stepped out in faith to answer the call to become a Minister in the PC(USA). I now serve as the pastor of Purity Presbyterian Church in Chester, South Carolina. I am deeply passionate about our need to act on the behalf of the "least of these," and I seek to empower others as they put their faith into action. My wife, Martha, and I have three children: Andrew (12), Chloe (11), and Benjamin (7). Our home is fiercely protected by Sasha, our adopted German Shepherd!

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