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FPC Newton Taking Applications for Youth Council 2017-18

2017-18 FPC Newton Youth Council Application

FPC Newton is seeking rising 6th–12th graders to join the Youth Council for 2017 -18. Planning meeting will be held on Sunday, August 27th at 12 noon in Middle School Youth Room

Past FPC Newton Youth Council Members: You only need to complete Question #2.

Applications Due by August 15, 2017

Name: ________________________________ School Grade (2017/18): _________

Please answer the following questions:

  1. In what youth events and activities have you participated?

____ N/A I am a rising 6th Grader

___Middle School retreat at Camp Grier

___Mission Trip

___High School Rally at Montreat

___Summer Montreat Youth Conference

___Sunday Night Youth Fellowship

___Sunday Community Supper (Youth Night)

___Youth Sunday

___Lock-Ins and Special Trips

___ Souper Bowl of Caring

___Other: ______________________________________________________________________________

2) Besides school, family, and church what other things require your time, energy and commitment?

___I work after school

___I am in the band/chorus/other extracurricular groups

___I am a Scout, 4-H’er or participate in other similar community organizations

___I participate in sports at school or in private organizations

a. Fall _____________________________________(list activity)

b. Winter ___________________________________(list activity)

c. Spring ___________________________________(list activity)

d. Summer __________________________________(list activity)

3) What gifts/talents do you have that would be important to the Youth Council?

Check all that apply.

___Meet people easily

___Lead activities well

___Speak well in front of people

___Am good at planning events

___Pay close attention to details

___Follow through with tasks

___Sing or play an instrument (list)_________________________

___Have a heart to serve others

___Am a good listener

___Have artistic skills

___Have computer/tech skills

Other: ______________________________________________

4) The best ways to get in touch with me are: (check all that apply)


___Email _____________

___Facebook Name on FB __________


Other: ______________________________________________

Why do you want to serve on the Youth Council?

Applicant’s Agreement:

In signing below, I understand the responsibilities and requirements expected of me as a member of the FPC Newton’s Youth Council, and I am aware that I will be an active member of Sunday School, worship and Sunday Night Youth Fellowship.

Applicant’s Signature: ____________________________ Date: ___________

Parent’s Signature:_______________________________Date: ____________

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