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Final Day of Mission Work at Cedar Creek

Thursday at Cedar Creek

Lots of projects were wrapped up on our final workday.

Anna, Lauren, Ellen and Christian finished their entire project plus replacing stair railings in the morning. Safety glasses, ear plugs, nail aprons, and toe nailing were the terms for the morning. Make sure to ask them the difference between plumb and level. This group handed the last 2 sections on their own without instruction.

Leo’s team of Sam, Tyler and Joe worked on several projects in the morning. They took out a 300 pound air conditioner from the home where they had been working during the week. Next they jacked up a porch deck that a family had loaded a massive amount of firewood which made the deck sag. They were able to fix the porch good as new. They finished the day by sawing off the vertical posts at Miss Mary's ramp so they are now flush with the top railing.

Meg and Callie headed back to finish painting a closet and utility room. It is amazing what fresh coat of paint will do to brighten up a room.

Thursday afternoon, a group helped the Cedar Creek volunteers organize their craft & camp supplies at the mission center. This overnight camp lasts all week long and involves around 40 children, youth and adults.

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