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Terrific Tuesday at Cedar Creek Mission Center

After a night of sunset pictures, puzzling a crazy gnome puzzle Suzanne brought and painting art on canvases, our mission team woke up to a wonderful breakfast of pancakes, bacon and fresh fruit. Work teams headed off early to their sites.

Deb, Elizabeth and Kylene headed to purchase shrubs and flowers at their landscaping project. Thanks to Sam and Joseph’s assistance in the afternoon, their landscaping project was completed.

Anna, Lauren, Christian and Ellen headed back to finish the railing around the porch. Suzanne found some saw horses under the porch and once they were repaired, using the circular saw was so much easier. Paul, from Cedar Creek, trusted the girls to measure boards and sawing that he got to rest. At 11 a.m., the girls began the first picket installment. They were so proud of their first section each of picketed fence.

Leo’s team of Tyler, Sam, Joe and Callie spent the morning finishing pickets and setting posts. Meg began painting a closet that was in major need of a makeover. In the afternoon, Leo, Callie and Tyler returned and accomplished enough on the deck to be able to finish it by lunch on Wednesday.

In the afternoon, Meg, Anna, Ellen, Lauren, Christian and Suzanne drove to Miss Mary & Miss Joyce’s home where the 2016 FPC Newton had built a ramp. It was great to see them again. In 3 ½ hours, the team members stained about 70% of this massage handicap ramp. Yes, it was very hot.

It was Taco Tuesday for dinner at Cedar Creek. Youth are going to play cards and then watch movies. Everyone is tired….. they should be! They worked hard.

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