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Congratulations to FPC Newton Graduates!

FPC Newton Graduation Tradition since 2002-- Hand prints on High School Youth Room Wall

College Graduates:

Graduated in December 2016:

Mary Elizabeth Hinson-Myers --Appalachian State University

Graduating in May this year: Austin Oliver -- Appalachian State

Alexa Roddy—Watts School of Nursing

We congratulate these students on their achievement!

High School Graduates:

Betsy Ingle

Parents: Caroline & Wes Ingle

Graduating from Newton Conover High School and

Will be attending University of Hawaii

Stephen Lewis, Jr. Parents: Stephen Lewis & Cindy Baldwin Graduating from East Lincoln High School

Will be joining the workforce while pursuing a welding certification.

Madison Loyer

Parents: Amy & Dan Loyer

Graduating from Bunker Hill High School

She will be attending Wingate University and majoring in pharmacy.

We also remembered fondly in our hearts Justin Turner

Parents: Dina & Bobby Snipes & Stuart Turner

Who attended Bunker Hill High School.

The Presbyterian Women presented each graduate with a gift.

Scholarship Recognition:

Presbyterian Women presented the 2017 PW college scholarship. This scholarship was started by the following families:

  • Mary Brooks Speight Family

  • Geneva Isenhour Family

  • Bruce & Clara Wingate Family.

This scholarship is dependent upon donations from our congregation. If you are interested in making a donation, please make checks payable to PWCT and give to Bonnie Pritchard, Treasurer.

This scholarship is given to an outstanding high school graduate with $500 check to assist them with furthering their education. This recipient was chosen on the basis of their church and community involvement.

The 2017 Presbyterian Women College Scholarship winner was awarded to Madison Loyer.

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